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SA4500 and Java Client

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SA4500 and Java Client



We have two SA4500 devices in a cluster and they give terminal/citrix access to hundreds of clients, but all Windows clients.


We see more and more different types of clients these days so i have the following questions:


1) I read there is a free and a payware java client availible. Can we use both of them at the same time or just one?

2) If we buy 10 payware javaclients, does every user with a MacOS client immidiately have the option to use it or can we create usergroups that have permission to use it?

3) I read the free java client works only in windows mode and cannot redirect printers and drives. Is the payware version able to do this?


Many thanks in advance!




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Re: SA4500 and Java Client

The unit comes with a two user license to the "Hoblink" java client so you can always try it out at no charge (refered to as the Premier Java RDP Applet.) Within your RDP configuration (resource profile) you specify a Java client that can be used as primary or fallback. So in that sense you can use as many different Java clients as you want but you can only have a single client defined for a given resource. 


Usage is driven by resource, which in turn is driven by role so user access is of course totally controllable. 


There is no, one single free Java client. There are several out there that work to differing levels on differing platforms. Free clients would need to be evaluated based on platform and functionality requirements.