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SA4500FIPS Cluster VIP Issue

New Contributor

SA4500FIPS Cluster VIP Issue

Hello there,

I've just set up a clustered pair of SA4500FIPS boxes but there seems to be some anomaly.  This is the first time I've set any SA boxes up.  When I go to an admin session on one of the master box and click on the cluster tab it states 'Internal VIP on Slave' and 'External VIP on Slave'.  However when I attach to an admin session on the slave box it states 'Internal VIP on Master' and 'External VIP on Master'.

It seems as though they both think the virtual IP address is on the other one.  Is it normal to see this or should I try to find a solution.

And should I actually be connecting any more to the physical IP addreses of the two boxes or should I only administer them by connecting to the virtual address?