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SA6000 Cluster (Active Active) - Syslog Problem

New Contributor

SA6000 Cluster (Active Active) - Syslog Problem

Currently im running with a cluster of SA6000s using SP6.3. The problem i am having is the syslog component. I have ellected to  have 3 of the 5+ log files sent to a syslog server. Each tagged with a different "localx" string.


useraccess --> local3 10.x.x.x

events --> local2 10.x.x.x

adminaccess --> local4 10.x.x.x

But no matter what happens; reboot; resave etc etc the SA dosent appear to be sending the info... except for 1 of them.. which send to the WRONG log.

events --> local4... when its clearly labled local2 in the SA6000 cluster syslog  settings.

I have seen some posts about previous SPs not liking firefox, so i have tried in IE. still nothing.

If anyone has any ideas.. would be great.