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SA6000 upgrade questions

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SA6000 upgrade questions



I am planning to upgrade my pair of SA6000 for some fixed (Java rewrite and vista support).  I found that beside version 6, there are still some continuous update and new release on 5.4 and 5.5.  What is the different between 6 and the latest 5.x?


Also, after checking on this forum, I see many other users discuss about problem upgrading to 6.0R3.1.  Would it be better if I just go to 6.0R1 or 2 instead of 6.0R3.1?  If I am running in a cluster, could I take down one to do the testing?  If so, what do I have to be aware of, because both SA should have the same configuration (e.g. IVS).





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Re: SA6000 upgrade questions



If you are talking about the post I made about 6.0R3.1 then I can tell you that the majority of my issues had to do with a dial up provider blocking access to


For the most part my 6000 cluster on 6.0R3.1 is running well now. (At least its running just as good as 5.4 did) I still have a handfull of users (about 5-10%) that are having issues with fragmentation and retransmissions. I have a case open about this now. Other users were having issues with Kerberos authentication which could be resolved by applying a registry change from Microsoft. That problem is documented here  .


Luckily we have a backup VPN that these problem users seem to be working fine on. Good Luck.