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SA6500 host checker

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SA6500 host checker

Hi Everyone !!

Need information on how to configure VPN user access based on mac or time duration , can I use host checker policy in any way to achieve it ?

Thank you for reply .
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Re: SA6500 host checker

You can certainly accomplish this - a couple of notes:


1- Restricting Login based on time - this would not be done with HC. This would be done through Role Mapping and using custom expressions. So you can build a custom expression that only allows login during "X" times:


Example of Monday to Friday


(loginTime.dayOfWeek = (Mon to Fri)
loginTime = (8:00AM TO 5:00PM))


You can then do MAC address checking through a Host Check rule using the rule type of "Custom:MAC Address"


In your role mapping rule you can create a custom expression that will look at both "time of day" and host checker results to determine role assignment.