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SA700 60 second timeout on upload

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SA700 60 second timeout on upload

Morning, still getting things setup, but have an sa700 setup with a few NFS connections on the bookmarks.  When I login, I see the shares, click and see my files.  I can upload single files, or even a .zip file and extract with no problem provided it's a small file.  The top of the page says it must be smaller than 500mb, but even 10mb files are failing. 

The timeout seems to be at the 60 second mark where the upload stops and your prompted to open or save the file up.cgi (which is a 0k blank file).  So I don't think it's really a timeout issue as it's getting the request from the VPN, but the file is never uploaded (the status bar never moves off 0K). 

Anyhelp or ideas is appreciated?