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SA700 + Satellite Broadband

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SA700 + Satellite Broadband

Hi all - am new to the Juniper world so I'm hoping some of you old guard can help me.

I have recently installed an SA700 IVE which is working perfectly for all my useres here in the UK.

However I have a guy over in the USA using a HUGHESNET Satellite broadband service for who Network Connect just wont play ball.

It seems to connect eventually and receives an IP Address from my server but when he launches Outlook it doesnt connect for ages and ages. Eventually it will connect but then for only a few seconds. Throughout this the NC icon still shows connected but a policy trace  shows his session ending and restarting frequently. As soon as he reconnects I will post ths policy trace here

I know there are likely to be performance issues with Satellite BB because of the latency issues but there must be somethgin I can do to make this work.

Does anyone have any ideas please? Either on the PC, IVE or even maybe using a WAN Accellerator box. would love to knwo yoru thoughts



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Re: SA700 + Satellite Broadband

Hi Graham,

What version of IVE OS are you running on your SA700?  If this user conencts to the IVE Web portal do they experience the same disconnects?  I would recommend that you setup a test using either Netperf, iPerf, or IOMeter between a server in your DMZ and this user's PC.  Do you have any backup VPN like PPTP that this user can connect to to compare performance?  Finally, what type of router does the user have in his home network?  Is he on a wireless connection to that router, and if so have you had him try connecting directly to the Satellite Modem/TNC?  Obviously this could be anything but the likely culpret is some level of packet loss ocurring on the far end of the connection because of dish misalignment, trees obstructing the view, home wiring, etc.  The user probably doesn't see any problems with regular web browsing as TCP/IP is fairly tollerant of timeouts and retries.  Encryption algorithms are far less tollerant to dropped packets so his connection will really suffer if he is dropping data.  NOTE:  Just having a slow connection won't stop you from using Network Connect or accessing the IVE, it will just be slow.  This is likely a combination of factors that is causing the user to not connect properly.  You may also wish to tweak the user's MTU to a smaller value if possible.  Finally you may wish to visit a forum on Satellite internet as they may have pertinent information on VPN connections over SAT.



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