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SAML 2.0

Occasional Contributor

SAML 2.0

Any consideration of supporting SAML 2.0?

This would allow SSO integration with many newer systems such as Google Apps/Postini/

The existing SAML 1.1 isn't quite cutting it.


Re: SAML 2.0

I would also like to see SAML 2.0 supported on the SSL VPN.

Anything on the Roadmap? When?


Re: SAML 2.0

We would also like to see SAML 2.0 support. However last time we spoke with a SSLVPN product manager he said they have no demand for it and would like to see a business case on why SAML 1.1 will not work. This was last year. I guess if enough customers ask for it, they will think about it.

If they claim to support SAML, don't you think they would keep current with the standands??

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Re: SAML 2.0

I would have to say that there is probably just not enough market demand for 2.0 support in the product. Especially in a tight economy Juniper puts its money where there is the greatest potential for return and they must not see it for this.

If you think it is important I would say that you should try and help create that demand through this forum and other sites focusing in on this.