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SCCM or Appliance push

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SCCM or Appliance push


I am still working on getting our appliance upgraded.  We held back over lockdown as we have virtually all our workforce connecting back using Pulse, 1500 users and despite our software 9.0R4.1 being out of support didn't want to risk the upgrade.  However with this new vulnerability and our innability to intall the workaroud, are kinda forced to do the upgrade.   I haven't done one before and would like to know the best way of deploying the Client? My predecessor pushed it our using SCCM so he could control the groups it wasbeing pushed to.  I can't get my head around this, if we use SCCM do we deploy the client first then upgrade the appliance or visa-versa?  OR is the simplest way to push the client from the Appliance automatically?   I did try to "google" it but I'm absolutely getting nowhere.  If any of you techies can assist or point me in the right direction I'd be greatly appreciative.  


Re: SCCM or Appliance push



You can upgrade your PCS to 9.1R5-9.1R7. This does not have the cert issue and you can also import the XML file without any problem.

With time you can work on the steps to mitigate the cert issue (Ensure that all the end users have the uninstallers, upgrade the PCS to the fix versions and then have them connect to PCS to get the new certificate).


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Re: SCCM or Appliance push

unfortunately, the "best" is up to you for your users & your environment and how you want to handle the upgrade.
the client is backward & forward compatible; for this particular set of issues, you may want to do the server first, as recommended by @Pulsar, and set the active pulse version as what you have installed in your user base currently and slowly rollout the client through SCCM for controlling the number of users that have the new client, so you can watch for any unexpected issues with connectivity. then, if a pilot group does not show issues, release it to all users through SCCM or enable automatic upgrade on the client and set the active client version to the most-current.

does that help with trying to plan for it? alternately, you can reach out to your account team for professional services or deployment services engagement to get more enterprise-specific guidance