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SNMP OID for ICE activation?

New Contributor

SNMP OID for ICE activation?

Our company is considering puchasing ICE licensing, but our managment is concerned that it could be left active when not necessary. We have already set up SNMP monitoring of for the number of users, but I wondered if there is an OID that indicates that ICE is active or inactive? We could then monitor that OID and be notified every 24 hours that ICE is active.

If this is not possible, does anyone have other ideas on monitoring ICE to ensure it is not left active?



Respected Contributor

Re: SNMP OID for ICE activation?

There is no OID for monitoring license-state via SNMP.

The only potential remote logging/verification item is to check the logs to make sure that the ICE-enabled event did not occur.

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Re: SNMP OID for ICE activation?

Is there a way to use the DMI interface to enable and disble it? I can use syslog information to tell me the active user count status, but will DMI work in that instance?