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SNMP Trap on Admin access

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SNMP Trap on Admin access

Hi all,

New to the forum so hoping you guys are able to help.. 

We've recently changed our authentication process for administrator access to our SA-2500 cluster at 6.5R1. We're now authenticating against an AD LDAP database but, for last ditch admin access we have a seperate locally authenticated admin authentication realm.

My question is this.. can we generate an SNMP trap when someone either logs in using the local 'Admin' account or logs onto this Authentication domain.

I can't seem to find any SNMP alert generation options fro specific user access in the OS itself... I might not be lookign in the right places of course...

If you need any further info, please shout.

Thanks all.


Super Contributor

Re: SNMP Trap on Admin access

No way to do this via SNMP.  We do something like this by postprocessing syslog and generating a ticket in our incident management system.