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SQL Server Insert/Update with Pulse Secure

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SQL Server Insert/Update with Pulse Secure

I have users connecting to the network with Pulse Secure to work with SQL Server database tables from an Access database front end.

When they started using Pulse Secure, the linked tables stopped behaving correctly. They can "select" a record, but they can not insert or update a record.

When they switch back to their old VPN software, the tables work as expected again.

Have others reported this happening??
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Re: SQL Server Insert/Update with Pulse Secure

What access method are you using? If you are using L3 VPN then its oblivious to the application so my guess is when the insert/update operation is performed the network traffic is not going through the tunnel and the application fails.

As a starting point you can create a test role with split tunnelling disabled and open ACL *:* If it works with this config then it point to a config issue.

The other option is to start packet capture on the client (on all active network interfaces) just when someone attempts an insert/update. And look at the captures to see what traffic went out of which interface.

Re: SQL Server Insert/Update with Pulse Secure

I would suggest a test slightly different from Ruc [b]only[/b] because I am aware of an issue on some clients in which split tunneling causes the problem: can you test with split tunneling disabled (if it is not already)?