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SSH and private keys

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SSH and private keys


We have a number of SSH servers in our environment which require the use of a username/password AND a private key. I'd like to utilize the Juniper SA to allow users to access these SSH servers. I know I could create a network connect profile and allow the appropriate ports, however our users really like to click links when possible.

Our users have either Putty or OpenSSH generated keys.

I'm not seeing an option for private keys with the provided SSH client. Am I simply missing something, or is this not possible?

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Re: SSH and private keys

I'm pretty sure this is not possible.

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Re: SSH and private keys

aweck is correct; this is not possible. The SSH applet on the IVE is available to do username/password authentication only; it cannot do cert-based authentication. Users will need to use SAM or Network Connect for the keys they have already generated. If, and I don't know for sure there is, you had an SSH applet that allowed this to work, you could upload it to the IVE using the hosted Java applet function and create a bookmark for the applet and users would then connect without needing to launch their local applications.