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SSL Cert on SA 4500 issue

Occasional Contributor

SSL Cert on SA 4500 issue

Good Morning,

I am trying to get an official cert and i choose trustwave. I made my CSR and uploaded it just fine. I got an email back from trustwave, pasted below.

To validate your domain, place a page on your website called cert.html which contains the words 'Trustwave SSL Validation Page'. This will verify that you have control over that domain. Once you have this page created, please respond to this email with the location of that page to complete domain validation.

How do I do this on the juniper device. Do I temporarliy point the domain to IIS and put that file there?



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Re: SSL Cert on SA 4500 issue

Create a new sign-in policy and URL as (this works). and add their text to the sign-in page's instructions field.