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SSL/ESP confusion

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SSL/ESP confusion

Hello, I have just (This last week) been told that I will be looking after our Pulse Secure appliance.  We are not fully up to date, and are reluctant to upgrade as most of our workforce are working from home via Pulse.  

 System Version
9.0R4.1 (build 64091)


My question is just around what is being displayed on the dash board and is confusing.  When I look at the Status/Activity tab it shows our active users (798), but then in the next display shows we have 777 current SSL sessions.  If I look at the "Active Users" tab the majority of sessions are displayed as ESP, which is how we have the box configured, to use ESP over SSL.   So, can anyone tell me what the 777 SSL connections represents?  This is because the Device (PSA5K) can handle 1Gpbs ESP but only 550Mbps SSL throughput, and when I am trying to work out if we are hitting 75% utilisation I'm not sure if I should be looking at SSL or ESP.   

I hope that makes sense?  If anyone can advise I'd be grateful.


Re: SSL/ESP confusion

The concurrent SSL connections graphs shows the client side connections such as VPN Tunneling (Network Connect or Pulse Secure Desktop client), WSAM, JSAM.


Even if you select ESP mode, it would be counted as SSL as connection is SSL and only the data channel uses ESP.

KB16841 - Differences between Concurrent Users and Concurrent SSL Connections graphs