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SSL Form Post

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SSL Form Post


We have a web application for DataCenter. Currently We are accessing our application through the SSL VPN (SA 2005 - 6.3R2). Now I am trying to apply the single sign-on policy. Now I want auto login to our appliation once users are authenticated through IVE login form. I have configured SSL Form Post(Resource Policies) like -

Resource :

Post to Url :

Select/unselect allUser labelNameValueUser modifiable?

Username user <USER> Not M.

Password pass <PASSWORD> Not M.

In my login page, I have checked the form's fields that all are with the same name as I have configured for SSO.

But the problem is that it doen't post values to my Login.aspx page

I also tried by Session Recording but there I couldn't find anything like- fields name or url, post url etc.

So if you help me to solve my problem then I will be really grateful to you.



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Re: SSL Form Post

Hi Suro,

It would be better to track this problem via a JTAC case. Since you say you have used session recording and still could not find why SSO does not work, JTAC would be the better approach at this stage.

Challenge is to confirm what SSO mechanism applies to this resoruce (Basicauth, NTLM, kerberos, POST).