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SSL VOIP Teleworker Solution?

New Contributor

SSL VOIP Teleworker Solution?


I am looking for a SSL VPN solution that address remote teleworkers.

We have a large size of the company who are teleworkers and as such they use usb softphones backed onto a Mitel VOIP system.

Has anyone got any experience on implementing a voip telephone system using the SA 4500?

Any guides or tech information will help.


Frequent Contributor

Re: SSL VOIP Teleworker Solution?

We have a cluster of SA6000's and are using OCS for VOIP. We have a signifficant number of users telecommuting with no issues (with the exception of random NC disconnects after the recent code upgrade.)

On occasion a performance problem is reported, but it is typically isolated to either a user workstation or their broadband connection.

Frequent Contributor

Re: SSL VOIP Teleworker Solution?


We have a couple of SA-2000's front-ending a Cisco VoIP solution. The softphone works great, along with the other unified VoIP features (including video). I would recommend reaching out to your account team or VAR for an eval unit. This is a great way to test your apps and VoIP before making a purchase.