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SSL VPN 6.3R2 on Windows 7

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SSL VPN 6.3R2 on Windows 7

We have a small amount of users that are on Windows 7 32-bit that when they login to the the SVW from inside the companys network the SVW screen comes up it will attempt to load the authentication URL page. The thing is that the screen keeps attempting to load but the page never loads any info and stays white. I talked to Juniper support and they said that since i am on 6.3R2 and not 6.5 anyone running window 7 will not get the authentication page. I am attaching an error that finally comes up when the SVW comes up and the login pages decides not to load. So my questions are as follows:

1. Is what Juniper support told me correct?

2. If it is correct is there any way i can tweak IE or Windows 7 to load the authentication page after the SVW orange screen comes up?

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Re: SSL VPN 6.3R2 on Windows 7