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SSL VPN Configuration and Clustering mode

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SSL VPN Configuration and Clustering mode

Guys, I have one SSL VPN configured at one location , and other one is placed at different location but second one is not configured , can anyone please suggest me how to configure that and also i wanted to make them in clustering mode please suggest how do do these two steps.


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Re: SSL VPN Configuration and Clustering mode

easiest way to do that is to export the configuration from the running node and import it onto the other one. but if you want to use a cluster, they will sync automatically anyway. for that you need a clusterlisense, without this license, you are not able to bring the clusterservice online. are both machines at the same network?

so if you have a clusterlicense the steps are the following:

-go to the web-GUI of the master-machine (the one which is already running and has a config)

-go to clusteroptions and create a cluster.

-add a new clustermember for the backup-machine

-boot the second node (backup-machine) and configure network-settings through the console. you'll get this message while starting:

Hit TAB for clustering options, wait or hit Enter to continue.--------------------------------------------------------------

1. Continue as a stand-alone IVE

2. Join an existing cluster

select 2 and configure the system as you want to and give it the IP you assigned while creating the clustermember on the master-node.

-maybe you need to boot the machine 2-3 times, until it starts the clusterservice and is beeing accepted as member. then it will automatically sync the config from the master machine.

-after booting, go to the web-GUI of the backupmachine and check the clusterstatus. it should show "enabled, unqualified" for the backup-node.

-go to the license-tab and paste the clusterlicense into the form. now the status should be "enabled" and the config is synced.

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Re: SSL VPN Configuration and Clustering mode

Make sure they are not more than 100ms a part, Juniper does not support them if the delay exceeds 100ms and you will have all kinds of issues.