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SSL VPN Interoperability Standard

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SSL VPN Interoperability Standard

Anyone know what, if any, industry standards are supported by the Juniper SSL VPN devices? Like any of the VPN Consortium standards (

In particular I'm wondering if Network Connect and Pulse the only clients that can be user to log into a Juniper VPN (SA series in my case).

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Re: SSL VPN Interoperability Standard

Those features don't specify interoperability, they just describe capabilities and vendors ability to meet them.


To answer your more specific question, we don't support any 3rd-party client connections to the SSL VPN appliances.  Is there some feature you're interested in that we don't already offer?





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Re: SSL VPN Interoperability Standard

Starting with 7.0 you can use an IKEv2 client to connect with certificate-based authentication; with 7.1 you can use username and password for your IKEv2 clients if that is what you were looking to know.

Otherwise, as KB_Fan stated, there is no other client interop available.

In addition, the Juniper Networks SSL VPN meets all the checkboxes that are shown on the tables.