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SSL VPN client for Linux

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SSL VPN client for Linux

We recently replaced our old network equipment by Juniper switches, routers, SSL VPN and firewall. The migration is nearing completion, but we are struck with one problem.  We have large Linux user base in our organization. Due to this we are not able to release the SSL VPN service to users.  System Integrator (SI) says Linux is not supported by SA4500 appliance. Some of the blogs on the internet says it is  possible through a open source software. I request members of this forum to advices me how to go about in this situation.  Do you have any solution to address this issue. Please suggest me an open source software compatible for Linux which has worked.    Regards, Raghavan.
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Re: SSL VPN client for Linux



Linux is supported by SA4500 with NetworkConnect, in this document you can see the SO supported: