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SSL VPN from XenDesktop not working

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SSL VPN from XenDesktop not working


We're trying to get the Juniper SSL client working to connect from a local XenDesktop WinXP SP3 virtual machine to a XenApp farm hosted behind a Juniper SSL gw at our customers.

We are however seeing the following problem:

When connecting to the VDI machine using the Citrix ICA protocol and logging on to the Juniper SSL client, we are not able to connect. Findings sofar are: .ICA file received through SSL GW does not contain a "address=" line.

Doing a Netstat -an we don't see any process listening on the local VDI machine on port 2598.

However.... if we connect to the same VDI machine using the RDP protocol or via the console:

Connection works, ICA file contains line "address=" and netstat -an shows a process listening on port 2598 

Obviously using XenDeskop we want to use the ICA protocol.... is there anything we need to ask our customer to configure on the SSL GW ? or is there any issue or known limitation known when using the ICA protocol ?