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SSL VPN query

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SSL VPN query


I have multiple locations with there SSL vpn box.

I want to implement in such a way that users should connect to only one URL e.g ( Hub location SSL VPN Box )

and then based on there locations ( either AD username/email id existence,etc) gets redirected to there local VPN SSL box. ( like I think it is possible if u have ICE license.

Is this correct and how to configure the same.



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Re: SSL VPN query

The ICE license can be enabled and disabled as many times as needed until you reach 0 days 0:0:0

The UI link changes as it is enabled and disabled for testing (or actual use).

Once you have 0'ed it out, you will need to purchase a new one; but it can be used multiple times.

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Re: SSL VPN query

No, this is not possible on the IVE itself. You can run the devices in clustered mode, or since they are geographically disparate that is probably not the best idea, or ideally you will have a load balancer or other device that is able to send the users to a specific IVE node based on location.


Re: SSL VPN query

Hi Raj,

Just to let you know : the ICE (In Case of Emergency) license is a license that you can activate so that you can have more concurrent users than you would normally be licensed for.

Example scenario's are : when due to public transport strikes for weeks you have more people working from home than normal and business has to continue, you can activate your license and you can 'host' more users for 8 weeks than you normally can.

Be careful : it's a one off, once you have activated the license you cannot stop it after 4 weeks and use it again (if I'm not mistaking Smiley Happy).

Kind regards,