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SSL Web Resource Access - Without any authentication

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SSL Web Resource Access - Without any authentication

Hi Guys

Need your expert Advice on below mensioned Scenario

I am in process of migration of  Stonegate SSL VPN to Juniper IVE. Customer has hosted Web application for their business partners in datacenter which has link to another Web application which is published in Stonegate SSL VPN appliance and is hosted at customer premises.

Initially user access the application hosted in datacenter and login with his credential sets. After authentication user clicks on link which point to SSL VPN appliance<web resource> published in SSL appliance and user get the access to resource without any login page or welcome page.

Users are transparently redirected to web resource published on SSL appliance. The resource has defined for public access in existing VPN appliance.

Note :- Auth. information (user name and password) is passed in URL when user click on<web resource>

Is it possible to configure Juniper SSL appliance same way ?


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Re: SSL Web Resource Access - Without any authentication

Yes, I think we do something similar.

Just create a group with Anonymous set as the auth server. Set that group to have a custom UI page of the other site.

Good Luck.