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SSLVPN timeout issue

New Contributor

SSLVPN timeout issue


we are encountering an event where our users experienced log out issues every 30 minutes when they are inactive in the VPN. We have tried changing the Connection Idle timeout to 1439 minutes but this does not work for the users.

We are using 2 x SA2500 and our users are all logging in through SSLVPN. Currently not running NC


Does anyone has the same issues as mine and/or have the solution for it? Appreciate some help and guidance. Thank you

Super Contributor

Re: SSLVPN timeout issue

The standard tcp timeout is 30 minutes.  So I think you are hitting this timer on some device in the path of the connection, most likely a firewall.


check the firewall in front of the SA.  Create a custom service with the timeout value you want for port 443 and 4500 in the policy that allows the connections to the SA.

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