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SSO Form POST with dynamic value


SSO Form POST with dynamic value

Hi all, 


I need to create a SSO Form POST on our SA for an internal website, which has a simple login page.

The basic parameters are quite easy to set up (POST ULR, USERNAME, PASSWORD), but unfortunately the login page contains a dynamic value (some kind of session id) and I don«t have a clue how to "get" this value.


In detail the login page contains this line


<input type='hidden' name='wert' value='1418895680'>


with the blue number being the dynamic value.


Is it possible to "read" the value in some way, so I can use it in the POST parameters?










New Contributor

Re: SSO Form POST with dynamic value

Certain backend web servers would require dynamic data to be presented as POST data. These dynamic values may be generated at runtime and keep changing for each auth attempt. We would not be able to configure a successful POST SSO for such backend servers as we can only support static values in the POST SSO configs.

Re: SSO Form POST with dynamic value

Hi Marc,

No, it is not possible to create an SSO POST for these rules. However, it may still work if you create the rule with the other settings in place. I have seen where the dynamic value does not need to be sent by the PCS' POST rule and it will still connect.