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SSO Form Post Variables

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SSO Form Post Variables

Hello All,

I wish to know if it's possible to get http variables for setting up in Post Details in the SSO Form Post Policies. I mean, I like to put a form hidden value in the post values. For example, something like this:

User label |Name |Value |User modifiable

example1 | ex1 | ??<HTTP.EX1>?? | NOT MODIFIABLE

Is it possible?

Thanks advanced


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Re: SSO Form Post Variables

Can you please clarify 'http variables'?

In general you can use any variable defined in the list (System Variables and Examples) To access this list click on the "help" link and search for the string 'System Variables and Examples. Another option is to try the polciy trace tool under "Troubelshooting" section.

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Re: SSO Form Post Variables


I mean with http variables to Request http variables sent with POST and GET Methods. I look for it where you say to me, but I can't find them.For example, in a HTTP redirect with GET variables: I wish to get"sample" values.


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Re: SSO Form Post Variables


I'm not sure I fully understand what you're asking for, but this might help you.

If you need to know all the variables names/values that an application requires, one of the ways to extract that information is to access the application directly (outside of SSL VPN) using a web browser as an end user and submitting the form. You will need to have an add-on application such as ieHttpHeaders installed (Firefox has a built-in feature "Live HTTP Headers") on your IE browser that can dump out the "name=value" pairs while you login to the application.

So considering the example URL you mention above, the post policy would look something like this:

User label |Name |Value |User modifiable

example1 | sample | value1 | NOT MODIFIABLE

Please let me know if your question was something different.


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Re: SSO Form Post Variables

Thanks for your attention. I'll try to explain it better.

I have a Web bookmark for example:


Internally it redirects to a page called:


Then, permissions page makes things to determinate what privileges have an user in those editors, and redirect to original url page( or depending on the value of 'url')

I wish to make an only Form Post Resource Policie called Permissions to POST username and password to It works, but I can't get 'url' variable value.

Is it possible? Have I put one form post resource for each editor?

Instead of one Form Post resource policie, two called:



and with unmodifiable value url for each editor.

Many Thanks

I hope now I explain it better.


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Re: SSO Form Post Variables

Raul -

I don't think the URL of the bookmark is available as a substitutable parameter in web policies. Even if it were, at the time of the evaluation I think URL would be "" instead of the original URL in the bookmark. Also, I don't think the query variables from the URL are available, so I don't believe there is any way to use the "url" variable in the URL as a substitutable.

I think you have the right idea - to define multiple policies based on matching the two URLs. I know this doesn't scale too well - I have a case where I have 10-15 different Siteminder form post policies, which are all the same except for the value of "target".

There are a lot of smart people in this community - maybe someone has figured out how to do what you want to do. But I sure haven't.



Re: SSO Form Post Variables

I got a similar challenge.

I need to forward the URL the user request as the sesson followthrough has been enabled.

The URL the users requests would be lovely to have in a variable in could pass on to the backend server, but no such variable seems to exists.

The system is runnin on SA 4000 cluster with firmware 6.4R4.1.

The admin guides for 6.5 and 7.0 pretty much has the same variables.

Any good suggestions ?