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SSO To a intranet site

New Contributor

SSO To a intranet site


I am trying to configure on our sslvpn (sa6000 6.4R1) a connection to a intranet site with sso enabled.

The ontranet site has as url http://www.sample.AAA on the first page there is no login but there are two links that redirected to sub pages wich need to be enabled with sso.

What i did is i made a web resource policy for the first page. without sso. In the Autopolicy: Web Access Control i put in a deny for the two sublinks http://www.sample.AAA:80/tas/public/* en http://www.sample.AAA/tas/secure/*. By that i can arrange that the two subsites are not accisable and that works.

For the subsites i made two resource policies that enable users to go to the login page with sso. When i click the bookmarks of these resources the sso works fine. But when i click via the main page the sso doesn't work. Sso is implemented bij post to a page wich for both subsystems is different.

Can someone help me with maybe something i am doing wrong or if it can be done on a differnt way

Thanks in advance

Robert van Oort

Super Contributor

Re: SSO To a intranet site

Have you tried changing the order of the policies? putting the SSO sub-page policies ahead of the deny policy.