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SSO & Smart Card authentication

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SSO & Smart Card authentication

We have 3 Terminal Servers in our network and SA2500.

I configured SSO which works good with username and password.

When I enter the username and password on the SSL VPN, I am able to login to the TS without entering my credentials anymore.


When I use smart card authentication to login to the SSL-VPN I need to supply the PIN code to login to the SSL-VPN

and I need to supply the PIN code again in the TS window unlike the username and password method.


How do I implement SSO using smart card to login to a TS?




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Re: SSO & Smart Card authentication

This is not possible.

SSO requires username and password variables to store on the system. Smart card-based access can store the username, but there is no password for storing on the system to send to the backend server.