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SSO via SA2500

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SSO via SA2500

Im trying to configure single sign on to a web bookmark through an SA2500.
essentially trying to take the username/password the user used to login to the remote SSL VPN portal to log them in to the web bookmark resource.
Is this possible? i have configured SSO policy on the bookmark i am trying to use, but it still requires the user to login with username/password when clicking on the resource.

I think what may be the problem is that i have an initial web policy in place that applies to all bookmarks *:/.* where SSO has been disabled, but i have put this policy below in the order after the new policies i created where SSO was enabled.
my question is :
- is SSO possible to ta
- does the SA 2500 apply web resource policies in order? or are they applied in the order they are created/

appreciate any assistance

Re: SSO via SA2500

It applies in order,

Can you take http watch log and go direct to the web application to understand if it is NTLM,basic authentication or form Post SSO we need to configure.