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SSO with ASP.Net Viewstate

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SSO with ASP.Net Viewstate

My company had deployed a website using the Viewstate property.

We are unable to get the Juniper IVE to automatically sign in the user to the website using Remote SSO.

This thread illustrates what we are trying to accomplish:

The issue I think we have is the "Viewstate" variable. He lists "CAPTURED STATIC VALUE" as the value but I am not sure how to configure that.

Viewstate, as I understand it, is a value provided by the server so your page session stays consistent. How can we capture that value and then place it in the Viewstate variable?

I am not a developer so I do not completely understand the Viewstate parameter, so if I wrong in my assumptions of what is happening here, please let me know.

Thank you,


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Re: SSO with ASP.Net Viewstate

Hi Loren,

You can use a web monitoring software called http watch basic edition) and capture the http watch session when accessing the portal directly in the LAN and attach here, we need to see if the viewstate parameters are part of the SSO parameters or not



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Re: SSO with ASP.Net Viewstate

you don't; it is something generated by the server during login.

my experience has been this type of login does not accept SSO as it is either a dynamic value (which does nobody any good) or the logib is done inside javascript or some other mechanism in which there is no actual submit button.


when you take a dsrecord, do you see a line starting with POST and then some values that may be static in nature, such as username, password, domain?