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SSO with SecurID and SAML

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SSO with SecurID and SAML

A customer of mine wants to authenticate users by RSA SecurID tokens using the RADIUS protocol. He also wants to provide SSO to his users for access to SAML enabled Web applications behind the SA. For this the SA would need appropriate credentials like username/password to perform SAML authentication.  As these credentials are not available from the token process the idea was to gain them from the RADIUS as Return Attributes in the course of SecurID authentication. Is that possible? So far I did not found a way to configure it as desired. Any help or clarification would be much appreciated.


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Re: SSO with SecurID and SAML

I'm not sure you'd like the login and password to be sent from the radius or saml to the sa.

Can you configure a double authentication saml + radius so you can do sso with saml afterwards ?