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SVW removing file from usbhdd also if allowed

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SVW removing file from usbhdd also if allowed

hi folks,

did anybody experience the problem that although storing files to removeable devices is allowed, storing files to a NTFS formatted USB-HDD is possible, but after exiting the SVW those files are getting removed?

Intersting thing here is, an USB-Stick is not affected. The only difference between those devices what the filesystem.


USB-Stick: Fat32

I did not had the chance to change the filesystem to check if this causes the error. Also I did not find a hint in the known issue doc.


Re: SVW removing file from usbhdd also if allowed

Just to be clear. Unless you have Desktop Persistence enabled under your SVW endpoint security policy, local HD files SHOULD be deleted at the end of a session, however, you seem to have found an inconsistency in respect to USB devices.

The SVW policy allows you to control if access to removable drives is allowed or not. I always took that to mean that if you allow access to a removable USB drive then you accept that data could be transported away from the SVW session, this is the risk you take.

I went away and did a set of tests with SVW desktop persistence disabled (SA IVE OS 6.0):

Test 1: USB devices plugged in BEFORE SVW session started. SVW session initiated. File created in notepad and saved to 4 different devices: 1) Local C HD NTFS 2) USB HD fat32 3) USB stick fat 4) USB stick fat32. Exited session back to real desktop and checked where I saved the files:


Local C HD: - NTFS - File deleted

USB HD: FAT32 - File deleted

USB Stick: FAT - File NOT deleted

USB Stick: FAT32 - File NOT deleted

So it seems that my USB HD is treated like a local hard drive rather than a removable device.

NOTE: This is further reinforced when I enabled desktop persistence and tried the test again with the file "appearing" to be on the USB HD between sessions, it seems the USB Hard drive is getting virtualised and not being treated as a removable device.

Clearly there is an inconsistency in the way a USB stick drive is treated compared to a USB Hard drives. Both are removable USB drives so I would expect them to be handled in the same manner. What I don't know is which behaviour is correct. Should files on USB removable devices be destroyed or, as I suspect, should they remain on the removable device after the session ends? I will do a little more research internally and try to get you a more clear answer.

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Re: SVW removing file from usbhdd also if allowed

Hi Christopher,

thank you very much for your answer and help. Ok then it looks like it's more the problem of the treatment of a usb hdd instead of the filesystem (as my tests were with ntfs usb hdd and fat32 usb stick).

I'd guess that the right treatment would be that all USB devices are the same, no matter if it is a digital camera or and usb stick or a usb harddriver, especially windows itself displays it as transportable media (or sth. similar, just tried to transalte it Smiley Wink ).

But you are right with the risk of exporting data from the client pc via that way, but in this case it's wanted. We do not enabele or use desktop persistency, due there is no need for usto have this persistence.