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Sa 2500 Problem

New Contributor

Sa 2500 Problem

I have just installed a sa 2500 and have it authenticating against a active directory domain my user mappings are working but i have a problem i have added a user role resource profiles has the correct items in it

when the user logins in he is assigne the user role but on the webpage there isnt any bookmarks also in the web admin i have

Select/unselect allRole Type Bookmark Resource

Just wondering what im doing wrong

New Contributor

Re: Sa 2500 Problem

I think i know the problem i cant select any access feature for any user role

Access features Check the features to enable for this user role, and specify any role-based options. Note that features disabled here may be granted by other roles assigned to the user.

Is this because the test licence i have been generated has been genareted wrongly.

Valued Contributor

Re: Sa 2500 Problem

Yes - that message would indicate that you don't have licensing for features. You can also go to configuration / Licensing and see what licenses are installed. You should see a basic user license, advanced and SAM / Net Connect license for testing. Also you may want a Secure Meeting license.

Another is to look at the TABS unders users. If you only have a user realm and user role tab then you are missing licenses as you should also see a Resource Profile and Resource Policies tab.

Super Contributor

Re: Sa 2500 Problem

This can also be seen under the following circumstances:

two users, user1, user2; two services, service1, service2; three roles, roleA, roleB, roleC.

If you assign service1 and service2 to roleA and roleB and

if you map user1 to roleA and

if you map user2 to roleC and

you unassign service1 from roleB and assign it to roleC

service1 no longer appears to ANY user mapped to roleA and does not appear to users mapped to roleC

The work-around that i have found to work is:

unassign service1 from roleA and roleB

save configuration (until you finish the next steps NO ONE can access service1....)

assign service1 to roleA and roleC

save configuration (at this point, service1 will re-appear for roleA users, and will now appear for roleC users)

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?