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Scan Documents From Local Scanner

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Scan Documents From Local Scanner

I believe my situation is unique atleast I hope not, maybe someone in the community have tried this or seen it.


We have a Juniper SA6500 with a web application profile setup for access to a particular app. and users can login fine and work within the app. but when they try to scan documents into the app. from local scanner connected to their PC "it works if they are VPN`d in" it fails when accessing app. from web profile with a 404 error.


We did a capture of the process and it seems that the app. is using a activex control script and is trying to post to the URL for the app. "which is the URL for Juniper" and it fails with 404 error code everytime.


Have anyone done this before or know if it is even possible to do this?




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Re: Scan Documents From Local Scanner

If the ActiveX is hard coded for a specific URL, as it sounds, it can't be done.