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Scripts no running on login page after upgrade to 7.4R8

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Scripts no running on login page after upgrade to 7.4R8

We've just upgraded from 7.1R10 to 7.4R8 and now some users are having problems because scripts are not running on the login page. We need to run a script as part of our login process to pull down an image that user uses to calculate their password.

When the user has the issue the "Browser running scripts.." message does not disappear so I am guessing it is not just an issue with our script.

We have found that as a workaround if the user adds the site to the Compatibility View List scripts start working again but we would prefer a solution we can implement on the box or in the custom sign-in pages. Any one have any ideas?

It is not an issue for everyone and our standard build laptops have no issues (which is why we didn't pick it up in testing).

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Re: Scripts no running on login page after upgrade to 7.4R8

Thanks for you suggestion. We couldn't use the GPO suggestion as it was third party and users own machines having the issue. Our standard build is already running in Compatibility View.

I have now found what I think was the issue:

In 7.1 the template  html file users the following line to create the input boxes for the username, password, pinsafe code: <input type="<% prompt.type %>" name="<% %>" id="<% %>" size="20">

In 7.4 this changed to:

<input id="<% %>_5" type="<% prompt.type %>" name="<% %>" size="20">

The problem was my script was using the document.getElementById(name) function to identify the input boxes so was not finding them with the “_5” appended. In theory it should not have worked at all but it seems in compatibility mode this function may be using the “name” parameter hence why we didn’t spot the error while testing with our standard machines. Right at the beginning of the script it looks for the username input box to confirm it is on the right page so when it didn’t find it the rest of the script didn’t run. I’ve updated the script to try again with the “_5” if it fails without so it works on both situations.

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Re: Scripts no running on login page after upgrade to 7.4R8

I don't have a direct answer for you but two suggestions.

You can create a domain group policy to make the compaitbility change in IE

I don't see this issue in a quick search of the PR (problem report) database.  Open a JTAC ticket and have them find the existing PR or create one for this issue.  If it exists you can get a release estimate on when the fix is available.  If this is a new report they will keep you in the loop as the fix is developed and released.  In some cases you can also get a hot fix prior to release.

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