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Second VPN cluster unreachable.


Second VPN cluster unreachable.

We are currently running an SA 4000 box ver 6.0 r3.1 which is clustered in an active passive configuraton.

At the moment 1 cluster is unreachable and the other is up and running with no issues. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the downed cluster to come back up. 

I've checked both configurations and they are identical any ideas? 

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Re: Second VPN cluster unreachable.

Are you truly talking about a second cluster, or do you mean the second member of the cluster?

I have two SA4000 FIPS units in a cluster in an active/passive config. They normally both show green in the Status page.

I have noted that after every upgrade (6.4r2 this morning) the second unit goes red. Even though I am installing on the cluster virtual IP it doesn't concurrently install on the second member -- only on the primary member.

It also never does a resync. I previously tried overnight, just to see what it would do. Nothing.

I have found that I need to power down the second member. I leave it off about 10 seconds, then power up. After about 15 minutes it will go green in the Status page.

When it reboots it resynchs.