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Secure Access Service Dashboard - SA6500 - 8.0R3.1

New Contributor

Secure Access Service Dashboard - SA6500 - 8.0R3.1

We are moving clients from Network Connect to Pulse client.  Would like to report on number of Network Connect vs Pulse connections.  Any suggestions on where this data may be gathered?  No changes are being made for sign-in, roles, realm, resource profiles.  Just a change in the PC client.

Valued Contributor

Re: Secure Access Service Dashboard - SA6500 - 8.0R3.1

I don't believe there is a easy way to do this from the dashboard itself since the graphs show only total number of VPN tunnels. If you look at the active user tab, under Agent Type, it should state Junos Pulse. Also, the user access logs will normally state the user agent string which state Junos Pulse. This would be a good feature to have in the dashboard graphs and/or in the new reports in 8.0 and above. I can discuss this internally, but I would also recommend file an ER with your Juniper representative.