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Secure Meeting - Proxy PAC

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Secure Meeting - Proxy PAC


we use Secure Meeting on our IVEs running 7.1R6 and some users have to use a proxy to connect to the site.

The proxy is configured via a proxy.pac file in Internet Explorer. On Windows XP (32Bit) this works without problems.

But on the new Windows 7 (64Bit) machines it doenst work. When they start the meeting from the webpage the client tries to connect directly and does not use the proxy => doesn«t work

If we put the proxy in the manual configuration of Internet Explorer the meeting client uses the proxy and it works.

Has anyone an idea how to get it working with the pac file?


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Re: Secure Meeting - Proxy PAC


It sounds like the pac file is not getting merged properly. You can review the debuglog.log on the client machine to see if the merge of the pac file is failing or not.

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Re: Secure Meeting - Proxy PAC

Hi Alex,

You can try PAC tester tool

and see for the meeting URL results expected proxy server or not. I hope this should give you more clue.



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Re: Secure Meeting - Proxy PAC

thx for feedback.

I tried the pactester tool and it shows the correct proxy.

In the debuglog I found the error dsGetIEProxy()' Failed to download PAC file 800c0008

I created a packet capture of the pac file download and the file is downloaded multiple times without error.

The timestamps of the errors are the same as the timestamps of the successful pac download.

So I raised a support case at our reseller that discoverd an error in the proxy.pac.

But fixing the error made no difference. Even a super simple proxy.pac which only returns one proxy for all url«s doesn«t work. I can still see the download error in the debuglog.

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Re: Secure Meeting - Proxy PAC

Is this the only error? I am assuming if it's failing to download, it is not merging the proxy file. This should be stated in the logs as well.

Please open a case with JTAC to further review the debuglog.

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Re: Secure Meeting - Proxy PAC

If the proxy requires authenticaiton, I don't believe it will work.

Are you using _only_ the .pac definition and not the option for auto-detecting proxy settings nor static proxy definition? If you are using static as well as .pac, the static will take precedence (including the setting for bypassing proxy for local access).


Is the proxy reachable from where the uesr is located when this happens?

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Re: Secure Meeting - Proxy PAC

I've had a case with JTAC for a couple of months now about the exact same problem, and I finally (after getting the case escalated twice) got the answer that pac files are not supported in Pulse 3.0.


It will be supported in 3.1, which is expected to be released at the end of September 2012.


Why it works in XP and Vista is still mystery to me.


/ Oscar