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Secure Meeting SMTP settings problems

New Contributor

Secure Meeting SMTP settings problems


I am trying to configure an SA2500 running version 6.3R4 to send out meeting invitations for Secure meeting.

Under the menu System -> Configuration -> SecureMeeting I have added the following values:

SMTP-Server: IP of an Server that is reachable via the internal interface

SMTP-User: empty

SMTP-password: empty

SMTP-Email: meeting email alias

I have ticked to enable box. and tried to save the config.

Nevertheless the system answers with the error message

"Error SMTP Server unknown"

Even adding an Alias for that server IP to the hosts tab under Configuration -> Network

does not help.

What did i miss to configure ? Or what do i additionally need to configure ?

every help is appreciated.

thanks and cheers


Frequent Contributor

Re: Secure Meeting SMTP settings problems

The message indicates that the SA is unable to contact the configured SMTP server IP from it's internal port's IP address.

If you start a tcpdump on the internal port and use a filter of 'port 25' to capture SMTP traffic, then go and attempt to configure the SMTP settings, after the error message is generated if you check the tcpdump you should see SYN packets sent to the port 25 of the configured IP.

If the configuration is successful you will see the SA establish a connection to the mailserver and issue an EHLO command and receive a response from the mailserver.