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Secure Meeting Statistics?

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Secure Meeting Statistics?

Does anyone know if it's possible to get a reliable number of meetings conducted on the SA box over say, a month?  I'd like to include # of meetings, # of attendees, and # of minutes. 

I have no idea why this is not already an avaialble statistic in the system.

I do have a process where I grep for our meeting setup role, then regex:  "Meeting 'Secure Meeting \([0-9]{8}\)' \(ID: [0-9]{8}\) ended." to find all the meeting end notices.  I then parse the results out in excel to get the attendees, meeting ID, minutes, etc.  This gets me close, but I know the numbers are still off by a pretty good factor.  I end up with several duplicate meetings of various users and lengths.  It also doesn't come close to matching the number of meetings that were scheduled for the month.  I realize some meetings are scheduled, but never conducted and that's defintely not the issue.

Anyone have a better way to get at the data?