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Secure Meeting

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Secure Meeting


I am new to SSL VPN devices can someone explain how I can set up a secure meeting.

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Re: Secure Meeting

The first item would be to ensure that you are assigned a role for which Secure Meeting has been enabled. Until that occurs you don't have access to this feature. Once that happens you would access the Meeting definition screen through the Meeting Icon at the top of your home page.

Setting up a meeting is very straightforward - you specify, start date, time / password (based on Secure Meeting setup options) invite people either by keying in email address or doing AD lookup. If you can get to the Icon I would suggest looking at the setup screen and posting any specific questions.


Re: Secure Meeting

There's a little more to it than that...

Without a Secure Meeting license, you only are allowed two concurrent users.

Under System/Configuration there a tab for Secure Meeting. Here you setup Email notifications. Enter an SMTP server and and SMTP Email address.

If you don't have a Secure Meeting license, you don't get the extra Meeting tab under Auth Servers. Without this, you can't setup the LDAP user lookup for sending meeting requests. Since the two person deal is intended for support, you probably don't care.

If you have the Meetings tab:

For Active Directory:

Username: samaccountname

Email Address: mail

Display Name, Attributes: Name,displayName Location,department (these are optional)

Note: There's a bug in the early 6.2 releases that broke the Email Address lookup feature. This is now fixed in newer releases.

Finally, to help users join a meeting, you can add a web bookmark for meetings:

Make the url https://<loginHost/meeting/

You can also create a web bookmark to create a meeting with the URL https://<loginhost>/dana/meeting/meeting_daily.cgi