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SecureMeetings over SSL

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SecureMeetings over SSL

We're seeing a bit of an oddity when SSL connected users attend a Securemeeting on the same appliance.

When the Securemeeting window launches we get a popup error message saying:

"The Secure meeting application must be started through a web browser"

According the the documentation you should only get this error message if trying to start the activex compenent directly from windows explorer or something but in our case its a normal login on IE9.

SSL Appliance is on 6.4 r5.1 and the client OS is Win 7. (We dont see the problem on XP/IE8 so I'm suspecting an IE9 incompatibility problem)

Any one else seen/cured the same issue?


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Re: SecureMeetings over SSL

This is due to Secure Meeting not launching within 10 seconds (or 20 in the latest releases). There is something on the system preventing the call from JuniperSetupClient to the secure meeting client.

To build on Vijish's comment, Windows 7 is not supported for 6.4.

The fix to add additional time is in 7.0R6 and 7.1R2; please check the release notes for additional items resolved.


Re: SecureMeetings over SSL

Please check ï»¿for IE9 support. It states that IE9 is supported only from the 7.1R2 version of the SA OS. 

Hope this helps.