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Securing Web Services

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Securing Web Services

I am trying to force a Silverlight application that operates over webservices behind our Juniper. I don't want to use WSAM or any other client based solution. I have it working with pass through proxy but that's pretty lame. How have others handled web services using the Juniper? Or do most people install a dedicated XML/web services secure gateway?

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Re: Securing Web Services

Are you facing any issue while accessing it through Core engine? There is an option of "no rewrite" in resource profile..can you check if this will help?

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Re: Securing Web Services

What is the concern with using passthrough proxy? It is another rewrite engine and traffic is still secured through the IVE.

Sliverlight is not yet supported by the IVE rewriter; if this content needs to be presented to users one of the following will need to be done:

1) Passthrough proxy

2) SAM

3) Network Connect

4) Core rewriter (which may or may not work)

The most frequent solution I have seen is to use passthrough proxy or one of the SAMs (Secure Application Managers).