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Session Reliability freezes Citrix Session

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Session Reliability freezes Citrix Session


I have the issue that my Citrix listed Application Sessions are freezing when someone is on a website with flash content in it. The Session lock up and I have to manualy reset the Citrix session. Also when viewing e-mail messages with flash content in it locks up the session.

When I turn off "Session Reliability" in the Citrix Listed Application bookmark then problem seems to be solved!

I'am using a SA2500 with 6.3R2 (build 13725).

Someone having the same issues or a solution?

Kind Regards,



Re: Session Reliability freezes Citrix Session

Hi JP,

I used to use Citrix Listed Apps but ran into problems with the ICA client in .cab format (no longer being supported by Citrix).

Session reliablity has given me no end of problems with users on the LAN as well as the SA so I have turned this off.

For your information, I now use Web Inteface over WSAM so I can use the latest XenApp 11.x client which is now nice and small.