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Session start script with Pulse Secure

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Session start script with Pulse Secure



Actually, my compagny make VPN connections with Network Connect, but we will pass to use Pulse Secure. I've test all my roles but one case make me trouble.

My role launch a "Windows : Session start script" --> \\workstation\files\script.cmd. The script launch a rds. 

When I use Network Connect, it's work, the script is execute.

When I use Pulse Secure, it doesn't work, no script was execute. To the log, I have this error message :

00294,09 2019/10/18 08:50:18.995 1 Système PulseSecureService.exe iveConnectionMethod p0160 t834 ncSessionScriptsWIN.cpp:93 - 'ncAccessMethod' copy file from '\\\xxxxx$\xxxxx_RDS_xxxx.cmd' to 'C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\cpuD0CD.cmd' failed with error 53, attempt 0

I try to launch manually the script with the Explorer Windows, it's work with NC but not with Pulse.


Do you have an idea?


Thanks a lot.

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Re: Session start script with Pulse Secure

I think the starts before the network is completely available.


Nobody has a solution?


Re: Session start script with Pulse Secure

Error 53: Access is Denied 😐


Pulse Client will try to copy the file from the share drive using the machine account not using the user account. Is there way to check the logs on the share driver to see why the access has been denied?




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Re: Session start script with Pulse Secure

I do not have access log to the acces on files.


But, I have install "Process Monitor" and I have this event :

"Opration : CreatFile / Result : BAD NETWORK PATH"

But when I copy the link manually on the file explorer I have access to the share.

The rights on the share are :

Administrotar : Full control

Users : Reading / Reading and Excution / Display of the contents of the folder


When I make : ipconfig \displaydns : the DC is known.


Sometimes it's work, sometimes it's doesn't work.