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Sharepoint PTP compatibility


Sharepoint PTP compatibility

Due to many limitations with the Web-rewriter we decided to test Sharepoint 2010 using Pass-through proxy as suggested by Juniper. Unfortunately we're still hitting many limitations. Was wondering if others have these issues as well as I can't find anything related to this in the KB or forum.


1. IE needs to be set to compatibility mode, otherwise ribbon won't work (page tab won't work)

2. When trying to edit a page you can't add a new web part simply won't do anything

3. Styling seems to be broken in many areas.


I'm afraid that when continuing to test we'll find other things that won't work as expected. Looking forward to hear from others if they found work-arounds for this or if we simply have a broken configurtation causing these issues.


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Re: Sharepoint PTP compatibility

Hi JH,


Can you test disabling browsing toolbar under thr role UI options and session timeout warning under the role session options