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Shut down IE window after being connected

Occasional Contributor

Shut down IE window after being connected

Is it possible using an SA4500 SSL VPN session to make the IE window close down after connection has been established?

I have enabled the setting to auto-start the Network Connect but the users are left with an IE window that says Welcome to the Junos Pulse Secure Access services

Network Connect - Start

Even though the session is connected they still want to click on the start button. I would rather this IE window closed after a successfull connection?

I have not looked into the PULSE client? Not sure if this is a better option?




Re: Shut down IE window after being connected

We've been doing this for years with a session start script.  After Network Connect makes a connection, the script is downloaded to the client and then ran.  The script then closes all IE browser instances and does a few other things.  This has worked well in our environment of roughly 300 users.  The session start script configuration is located in the Roles Network Connect options.

Hope this helps.