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Single sign on with Web Proxy

New Contributor

Single sign on with Web Proxy


Is SSO supported when use a web proxy server and a web proxy policy ?

and if yes , which athentication method is supported?

I have allready made a simple test and it seems i have to sign-in on the proxy to have web access .

many thanks.

Frequent Contributor

Re: Single sign on with Web Proxy

The SA Admin Guide SSO chapter has some information on this.

You need to define the proxy at Resource Policies-> Web Proxy->Servers and create a Resouce Policies->Web Proxy->Policies for the resource to go via the proxy.

Basic Auth is supported, there is mention of the following caveat for NTLM:


The IVE supports web proxies that perform NTLM authentication. However,

the following case is not supported: a proxy exists between the IVE and the backend

server and the back-end server performs the NTLM authentication."