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Static IP for NC machine


Static IP for NC machine

Going to try and explain this the best I can.  

I couldn't find any other topics that fit the scenario.

I have group of users that need to have static IPs after connecting with NC (or Pulse in the near future).  Reason being, we have to NAT the IP for a specific internet application to print to a local printer.

This has been set up previously using local accounts and DHCP reservations (the current reservations have VERY long unique IDs), but that seems to tie the UserID -and- the machine to the IP.  If I log in using a different client, I don't get my reservation.

Any suggestions on how to set this up so (or if it's possible) that any user logging into that machine gets the reserved IP? I'm trying to migrate the users from local accounts to a group membership role mapping rule, but the way it's set up right now, the DHCP reservation is based on the UserID logged in.

The only other idea I had was to make a seperate connection profile for each UserID (there's only 4-5) and set the IP Address Pool to be a single IP for each. 



MAG2600 cluster (Active/Passive)
8.0R4.1 (build 31475)
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Re: Static IP for NC machine


If it's only five users I would go with the five profiles.  I don't know of any other way.

John Judge

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Re: Static IP for NC machine

I have used both of these solutions. reduce your DHCP pool and keep track of statics. Be careful with AD Because admins get smart and start assinging statics with out your knowledge.

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Re: Static IP for NC machine

The only other way that I've seen this work is using ldap attribute to assign a static ip address via ip pool.  (in case you are looking to expand to more users)